About You

You have a story to tell. You want help, and you want someone who’s capable and reliable – because your story is important. You need someone with excellent technical skills who will deliver what’s promised and deliver it on time.

Maybe your story is a business report. Maybe your story is a technical paper or a memoir or a novel or web content. Whatever story you want to tell, you want it to be the best story possible.

When you write your own story, as you revise and rewrite, you stop seeing what’s actually on the page. You start seeing what you expect to see. Your mind knows what you intended to write, and that’s what your eye sees – but what you see may be different from what you’ve written or how you’ve written it.

Fable Communications will help you make your story better with a full edit, developmental edit, copyedit, or proofread. We’ll work collaboratively with you to accomplish your goals.

If you have a story to tell, but you don’t have the resources to research or write it yourself, Fable Communications can fill that gap. We have more than ten years of experience researching and writing. Our most recent projects have been at the crossroads of education and policy, and they’ve included material as varied as technical reports, informational and promotional pieces, website development, speeches, curriculum, policies and procedures, slide decks, and business copy.

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Together, we’ll make your story legendary.